Oh, you couldn't tell it was summer??? You mean having your ass stuck to the leather seats of your car isn't a good enough sign for you? Fine, then what about all the short shorts, bronzed skin, and maybe the 8 trips to Dairy Queen I've already taken this week. #yikes. 

I've come up with my ultimate wish list for summer, and oh my god would I kill for these pieces! I found this amazing site called SPRING, where you can literally buy anything. Shoes, bags, swimsuits... ANYTHING! And, they have a ton of cute things on sale right now on their accessories store. The best part is that they have free shipping and returns! Does it get better than that?! 

1. Romper - I love the idea of a a romper for the beach. Why not wear something that you can run around in all day. You can go run errands in this, and then meet up with your best girlfriend at the pool so you can gossip about all the bitches you don't like..... Jk. Kind of. 

2. Backpacks - I love backpacks. Hands free?!?!?! Yes please! Plus, it's a cute alternative to the stereotypical beach bag. 

3. Headband -  Beach hair is cute, but it's also a good idea to have something that you can use to pull your hair back with. I like the bigger headbands so I can keep my scalp protected. No one wants a burnt scalp. A hat is also a great idea, and there are so many cute one's on SPRING. 

4. Sandals - Cute sandals are a must for summer obviously, but I also think for the beach it's important to wear something you can slip on easily (Hello 3rd bathroom break. I blame you corona light). Anywayyyyssssss...these TOMS sandals are to die for, and Just in case you've been living under a rock, TOMS donates a pair of shoes each time you buy a pair! Kindness rocks. 

5. Retro Sunglasses - I just broke my sunglasses this weekend. They were $5 from F21, so really who can I blame but myself? Either way, I'm LOVING these retro style sunglasses. My go-to is usually aviators, but I think I'm officially making the switch. Love love love!!!! 

*** Click on the links above and you can be directly taken to the items over at the SPRING website! You will NOT be disappointed! ***