In general, I don't like to talk about things that are too heavy here on my blog. This is a fun place for me; a place that brings me happiness, and so I usually stick to light-hearted topics that make me smile. But something has been nagging me for a bit now...

If you follow me on Twitter (follow me here!), then you probably saw me rant and rave about what happened on Fox News this past Tuesday. In short, they had a panel of men (3 to be exact) judge women wearing "leggings" to determine if their outfits were appropriate to wear in public. I don't think I need to say more... see the shit show for yourself here.  Fine, their goal was to come at it from a "fatherly" perspective, but they done gone fucked it all up. It was poorly done to say the least.

But, it got me thinking. I've been annoyed lately.... I can here Blake now "ohhhh god, here she goes..."

Seriously though... why am I always seeing these posts:

  • How NOT to Wear Leggings
  • How NOT to wear booties
  • The Top 10 Things NOT to Wear on a First Date
  • How to be a Good Wife (aka what not to do)
  • The list goes on and on... you get the point.

Here is the thing ladies, we need to stop doing this. Is it not bad enough that we all had to endure middle and high school? Where we were in constant fear that we didn't have the coolest or newest fashion item? Where we were ridiculed for how awkward we were or what shitty fashion choice we were making? Enough. I'm so happy to be an adult, because it took me until I was almost 25 to realize I didn't give a shit about what others thought of me. Especially what they thought about my clothing choices.

We need to stop telling each other what we can and cannot do. It's exhausting. As women, we are under constant pressure to dress the "right way." On one end of the internet spectrum there are men all googly eyed over women in yoga pants, but on the other end of the spectrum they are judging us for it. You have to worry about whether a skirt is appropriate for work because it is above your knees. Is this shirt too low cut? Will I give someone the wrong idea? Men do not have to deal with this.

Can we please just stick together and support each other for whatever crazy clothing choices we may make?!

What do you say?

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