CABIN LIVING: Winter 2019

It’s no secret we love our cabin in Harbor Springs. We pretty much spend any free second we have driving up there, and for good reason because it needed some serious TLC. This winter we managed to get a few projects done, and with a very long list ahead of us, I thought this would be a fun way to share with you some updates that we have made!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve probably seen me sharing a lot of this on IG Stories but if not, enjoy!

When we first moved into the cabin, the first thing we noticed was the carpet that can only be described as “doctor office chic.” It was most likely original to the house, had zero padding underneath, and was wrinkling in multiple places. Our first goal was to get that gross stuff out of there and replace it with some laminate flooring that Emmy couldn’t ruin.

This was one of the few jobs we have hired out. We wanted the floor done quickly, and with only being able to visit on weekends, we knew the process would get dragged out for months. We went with laminate because it’s extremely flexible and the house has shifted over time.

Next up was painting. With adding more wood to the floors we essentially created one giant room of wood. We needed to brighten the whole room up and give it some life. We initially went with a standard white, and it was way too intense. It looked like we had simply primed it and left it, and with a whole wall of windows on the opposite side, it reflected harshly off the stark white paint.

Attempt # 2

After that fiasco, we decided after a couple of weeks we hated it and it needed to be re-painted. Which, do you even know how awful it is to paint cedar paneling?

Spoiler. It SUCKS.

Alas, we ended up going with a soft linen color. By the end of it all, we were sore but so happy with the finished product! The room is bright without being overpowering. The mid-day sun bounces beautifully off the walls, and the entire room went from living in the 80’s to joining the 21st century.

Last up is the outside. We will have tons and tons of work to do, but anyone who loves gardening knows that there’s always something to plant and work on! We started by freshening up the base cinder-block of the house. It was painted a red color that matched the (god awful) front door. We went with a charcoal colored exterior paint, and I was stunned at how much of an improvement that was, despite being a relatively small update. Next is staining the deck, building shutters, and getting a new front door!

The second big thing outside was the yard. It was overgrown with pricker bushes and tall grasses. It hadn’t been cut in years, and was harboring far too many spiders and tics for my liking. We decided to hire someone to brush hog the entire back yard, and what a difference it made! Now, all we need to do is work on getting better grass seed out back! This summer will be filled with exciting outdoor projects, so be sure to check back for more!

More remodel updates to come once summer arrives!