Smile Brilliant CariPRO Toothbrush

The past year of blogging has brought a world of change to our lives. Blake has rediscovered his love of photography, and we have traveled to so many fun and cool places. This past winter we got to ski at Big Bear Mountain in California, visited Toronto for the first time, and also got to shoot up to Mackinac Island for a fun weekend with Emmy at Mission Point Resort. But, with all of the fun adventures comes the task of packing and continuing your self-care routine. It is probably my least favorite thing about traveling. Between TSA regulations for carry-ons and checked luggage, and me just blatantly forgetting to pack certain things, I always feel like my self-care takes a bit of a back seat during trips.

Insert Smile Brilliant’s new CariPRO electronic toothbrush!

It’s easy to let things slide after a long day of exploring, and sometimes creating a routine can be the only thing to keep yourself in check. Having my normal day-to-day items with me, makes me feel less lost while away from home and it allows me to keep up with my normal nightly routine. Do you guys remember those tiny little travel toothbrushes? They had to be the worst toothbrush known to man kind and did literally nothing when it came to cleaning your teeth. The only convenience is the fact that it was self contained in it’s own little container.

Smile Brillian CariPRO toothbrush

The BEST thing about this toothbrush? The charge. Even if you have plans to travel for two weeks, your charger won’t be needed. Save room in that carry-on bag and head out to your vacation in confidence without the worry of being left with a dead toothbrush. No matter your teeth brushing needs, you will be set with this toothbrush. With 5 different cleaning modes, you’ll be sure to find one that fits you perfectly. Need to cut some time in your morning routine, this bad boy is water proof which means you can wash your hair and brush your teeth simultaneously like the true super hero you are.

If I had to pick one negative about this toothbrush, it would be the fact that it does not come with a travel case. Of course, you can pick up a couple of travel toothbrush covers like these (amazon link), and you will be all set. But it’s something to consider, since you’ll have to pack it into your bag unprotected.

Smile Brilliant CariPRO Toothbrush

There are a few different options for purchasing your toothbrush, but the lowest priced option is $119 for the base, charger, and two toothbrush heads. For an even better deal, if you’ve got a significant other, for $199 you can purchase two bases with the replacement heads and chargers. If you’ve had an electronic toothbrush in the past, you know how much $$$ those replacement heads can cost. With the CariPRO toothbrush, you can get 8 replacement heads for only $43!!! With this being the largest purchasing option, there are even lower price points depending on your budget. If you only need 2 replacement heads, you’ll only need to shell out a mere $13, compared to the $25 you’d be paying for other similar competing brands. 

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Have other questions about the CariPRO toothbrush? Leave me a comment below and be sure to check the Smile Brilliant CariPRO FAQ’s page!