CONFIDENCE: a double edged sword

This Blissful Moment

Self-confidence seems to be a necessity when it comes to being successful. When you picture the a self-confident woman in your mind, you envision a strong and independent woman, comfortable in her skin. But is confidence always that simple and easy? Is confidence something that is important and required when we look at a person's success in this world? Or.... is it possible that we live in a world where self-confidence is preached, yet also torn down all within the same platform?  

The idea of "self-confidence" has been a hot topic all over the internet. Instagram is filled with accounts that promote self-love and confidence. It gives you the perception that we live in this world where we should be proud of ourselves no matter our size, look, etc. We are not only encouraged to love ourselves, but to flaunt it as well. Do we as women and men really admire and support those who demonstrate confidence within themselves, or is there an underlying level of judgement?  

This Blissful Moment

I believe the reality of our world, is that you are encouraged in one moment to display your self-love, but then quickly torn down for being narcissistic or self-absorbed all within the same post. People are often quick to tear each other down for their self-love. "What a slut," "Does she even own clothes???" "she's way too big for that swimsuit." Check out some of the Modcloth posts, and you'll see how quick people tear down confident women because they are "overweight" or my personal favorite, "promoting an unhealthy lifestyle." Who determines who has the right to flaunt their confidence? Is there a specific guideline you need to meet? Is there anything wrong with being comfortable in your own skin on social media? Is it all about the delivery? Can you be proud and confident without being self-absorbed? Lets talk.... 

As a final thought, lets all do a little better with supporting each other and building each other up. The world of social media is already a hard place to survive in, why make it harder for each other?