MAINE: The Forgotten Portland

I've never had the opportunity to visit the Pacific North West, but Portland Oregon seems to get a whole lot of attention. When we shared that we were traveling to Portland, we were often met with "OMG how fun!" When we followed up with "Portland Maine" we usually received the comment "oh, cool...... why?" 

Trust  me when I tell you that Portland Maine deserves all of your love. 

Photo Credit: Blake Brattina


  • Green Elephant Cafe - Menu
  • Tandem Coffee - Website
  • LL Bean Outlet - Freeport, ME 
  • Portland Headlight - Lighthouse
  • Yes Books - tiny/cute bookstore! 
  • Otto Pizza- Menu (They're being featured on Food Network soon!!!!)
  • Local Sprouts  Cooperative - Menu (Best Vegan Breakfast EVER)

I highly recommend renting a car so you can drive to LL Bean and also explore other parts of the state/city. We found some amazing little areas while exploring Bailey Island, like a bay filled with fishing boats and a beach filled with sea glass! The downtown is fairly small, and with good weather you can easily walk everywhere you need, so if a car isn't an option, you'll still be able to see plenty of cool stuff!