TORONTO: Koreatown

In America, we are raised in communities that only talk about the world we know. We learn about American history, with a few blurbs about other countries and how they've affected and shaped us. But, American's... we have this uncanny ability to think our country is the norm. The way WE do things is the norm. 

SURPRISE: The world is not this little bubble I call home. It is so much more. 

We were immediately struck with fear, when we crossed the boarder into Canada, and our phone data plans turned off. DUH, why didn't I even think about this?! We realized how grateful we were that we took the car with a built in GPS system, because guess what.... WE WOULD HAVE BEEN SCREWED. 

Not only am I a narcissistic American, but I'm also  a product of the technology generation who rarely had to actually read a map or navigate highways without a nice lady saying, "in 100 ft turn right." 

At one convenience store, we were denied from using our Debit card, and again the fear that we would have no way of accessing food and snacks set in. Tip of the day, tell them to run your card as credit and you should be good to go! But with these little learning moments, we were filled with so many amazing experiences. Can I just say, those "All Dressed" chips are 100% as good as they say. You're going to want at least 3 bags to take home! 

My favorite tourist destinations!? Check them out below!

3D Toronto Sign

3D Toronto Sign - I believe our exact words to the police officer we bumped into was "we are tourists and we need directions to that cool sign." Just own it, it's fine. We are all tourists in this world just trying to see something cool. The lights change colors making for some cool photo ops! 

Eaton Center Bridge, Toronto
Eaton Center Bridge, Toronto

Eaton Center Pedestrian Bridge - This is a must see location for anyone who enjoys photography. It was one of our number one destinations because we had seen how cool some other photographer's pictures turned out. This stop is much more than just a bridge. Do not be fooled. Wait until you see this mall that it's connected to. I have never seen a mall so big. Be sure to check out Roots, one of my personal favorite! And my AMERICAN FRIENDS, the H&M here has a HOME section!!!!!!!!!!! 

TTC Subway System
TTC Subway System

The TTC Subway System - THIS WILL BE YOUR GODSEND. This was both the best and most confusing aspect of our trip. We initially were buying "tokens" each time we needed to jump on the subway. The tokens are confusing. Tokens are $3 but a ride is $3.25 (exact change)... okay so do I need 1 token or 2? what is happening?!?! I'm fairly certain that we didn't pay correctly for at least one or two trips. BUY THE DAY PASS. It gives you endless trips and you'll want that while doing touristy stuff! 

Also, my favorite part?! The subway system is extremely easy to figure out. There are only a few different routes that you'll need and the maps are super easy to read. 

St. Lawrence Market, Toronto
Gooderham Building, ON

St. Lawrence Market - A typical city market, St. Lawrence is right in the heart of downtown. Grab a coffee, a few pictures, and some bites to eat, and you'll be on your way to exploring the city for hours! Be sure to walk outside and check out the gorgeous Gooderham Building! 

Toronto Koreatown

Koreatown - I cannot tell you enough. STAY IN KOREATOWN! It is close to the city and only a quick subway ride away from downtown. There are so many cool places to eat, and it's a little less busy than the typical city streets. Everyone was friendly and there are so many cool Airbnb's to choose from that are far more financially feasible. Want a link to our Airbnb? Drop me a message! 

Photography: Blake Brattina

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