A few years back I decided to do the whole “get up at the butt-crack-of-dawn” Black Friday thing, and honestly it wasn’t even remotely worth it. The only thing I enjoyed was watching people insanely grab at crap they probably didn’t even need. The people watching was absolutely fantastic, but still not worth getting up at 5am for. I believe I came out of Black Friday that year with a new toaster oven and maybe some candles from Bath and Body Works … pathetic really.

Today Black Friday has a whole new meaning to me. Two beautiful little words describe the insane American made holiday that steals loved ones away from their family’s Thanksgiving dinners… ONLINE SHOPPING. Insert PrettyLittleThing, a website I am now 100% obsessed with, and that will fill all of your Black Friday dreams!

I teamed up with PrettyLittleThing for a Black Friday collab, and I am beyond excited they reached out to me for such a wonderful blog post! Let’s talk about some of my Black Friday wishlist items, AKA: the things I am always checking out when a big sale is happening! Thank you PLT for sending me such amazing pieces to style for this shoot!

This Blissful Moment, Pretty Little Thing

Boots: Whether you’re looking for hiking boots, OTK boots, or a casual pair of kick ass combat boots like these, Black Friday is the time to swoop up the pair you’ve been eyeing! Shoes seem to be one of the best Black Friday deals out there. Last year I snagged a pair of rain boots on Black Friday/Cyber Monday and I have gotten tons of use out of them. They were more than 50% off and free shipping, which is a deal you really can’t beat! Keep an eye out for your favorite pair and snag them up quick!

Black Stud Pearl Buckle Biker Boot

This Blissful Moment, Pretty Little Thing
This Blissful Moment, Pretty Little Thing

Jackets: Again, a usually high priced item that you can get a ton of use out of and find a great discount on! I love buying things that can be worn in multiple seasons and can be layered in many different ways. A denim jacket, while basic AF, can get you through spring, fall, and some of winter. It can be dressed up or down, and literally goes with any color palette. This oversized distressed denim jacket from Pretty Little Thing is perfect for layering over sweatshirts, sweaters, or even a cute dress!

Aymeline Light Wash Distressed Oversized Jacket

This Blissful Moment, Pretty Little Thing
This Blissful Moment, Pretty Little Thing

Statement Pieces: This relates to all of the above, but if you’re interested in trying out a trend or color you may not normally gravitate toward, now is the time to do it. A big sale like Black Friday can give you a fantastic opportunity to try out a fun piece you might normally be hesitant to rock. This mustard yellow cropped sweater is perfect with a pair of high-waisted leggings and the off the shoulder style adds such a cute touch of sexiness.

P.S. Sweaters are called “jumpers” in the UK and I think it’s freaking adorable and I love it.

Mustard Off Shoulder Knitted Crop Jumper

This Blissful Moment, Pretty Little Thing

Bags/Purses/Backpacks: I’ve been dying to get a belt bag and for some reason hadn’t pulled the trigger. Again, a bit of a “trend” item I just wasn’t sure I would be able to pull off, but I’m ALL ABOUT going hands free and this is a fun stylish play on the good ol’ fanny pack. I often snag my winter bag during a nice Black Friday deal, and my go-to is usually some type of miniature backpack. I love having my hands free and they’re absolutely perfect for traveling!

Black Croc Belted Bum Bag


A few tips when shopping on Note the size guide. This is a UK company, so they’ve provided a table that shows the different sizes that are available. Some things are in typical American sizes, but others are sized in UK sizes. All of the items I received fit pretty true to size, including the shoes. Also, if you’re in America, make sure you are on the American site and not the UK site. There is a tab in the upper left hand corner where you can check/switch to the correct site. There is a 28 day return policy, but they do not offer free returns. Be aware of this and know that you will have to cover the cost of returns and/or exchanges if you need them.

A Massive Thank you to PrettyLittleThing for sending all of these pieces for me to style and shoot! This company is definitely one to check out!

Photo Credit: Blake Brattina