Douglas J. Aveda Institute

The thought of having a student stylist cut your hair might induce a major anxiety attack for some of you. I have to say, even I didn’t really know what to expect and was a little nervous. We’ve all had some bad experiences in the salon chair and those are licensed stylist messing your shit up. So, when you think about a student doing your hair – omg. Fear.

Here’s the thing though … they are amazing! This isn’t just some everyday ordinary cosmetology school. This is The Douglas J Aveda Institute. You feel like you’re walking into a spa, and everyone is beyond helpful and welcoming. You can hear students praising each other on their work, and the positive vibes and teamwork visibly set this program apart from others.

Facts I Learned:

  1. You will be paired up with a Master Stylist: You’re not just left alone with a student. A Master Stylist (or Educator as they call them), will be consistently checking in throughout the process. They will also check your haircut/color prior to signing off saying you are finished. If they need to adjust anything, they will. This is why it’ll take longer to achieve your perfect look (we’ll get into that more next!).
  2. Give yourself enough time:  Don’t be like the 16-year-old who sat down to get a formal hairdo, only to complain after 15 minutes that she “had things to get to.” Don’t be that person. Be patient. These are students who are learning in real time. They need more time than a seasoned stylist. If you’re in a time crunch, go to a standard salon. Don’t be a dick.
  3. NO tips allowed: Don’t even try and offer it. They will turn you down. The price you are given is the final price. Spend that extra money on some Aveda products instead, because they are all AH-MAZING!
  4. You’re getting a serious discount: Part of the bonus of having to give more time to your haircut is that you’re getting a pretty significant discount on their services. These are the following prices that can be found online, all of which include the use of Aveda products:
    •  Haircut: $16
    • Haircut/Blowout & Finish: $28
    • Blowout & Finish: $16
    • Bang or Beard Trim: $7
    •  Customized Color: $42+ (Based on individual guest needs)
    • For a full list of services check out their website here!
  5. Flexible Hours: The Salon is open until 10pm during the week, which is nice for those of you working a 9-5 job. This allows a lot of flexibility for scheduling. There’s also multiple locations: Ann Arbor, Royal Oak, East Lansing, Grand Rapids, Knoxville, and Chicago!!!
  6. All ages:  While getting my hair done, I noticed they were working on men, women, and children! The age ranges of people coming in to get services was extraordinary!
  7. You can put in a request:  You can request specific stylist if you would like, but most of the time you are simply assigned to a stylist that is available. You will not know if your stylist is brand new or about to graduate. Remember – that master stylist is there to assist you and make sure you’re happy with your hair, so don’t stress!
  8. You’ve got two weeks!:  If you’re unhappy with your hair, come back within 2-weeks and they’ll fix anything until you’re happy - free of charge.

Getting your hair cut at a place like Douglas J Aveda Institute isn’t just about getting a cheap haircut. It’s about having the amazing Aveda experience while also helping students learn their trade. You’re providing someone with the opportunity to better themselves, and seeing the joy over their success is the best part of the entire experience!

***Interested in going to school there?! Get more information here!***

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