BUDGET BLOGGING: A 4-Seasons Wardrobe


I've talked about my frugal and bargain hunting ways before. It's a huge part of my lifestyle and my blog. I'm a conscientious shopper, and I pride myself in maintaining a wardrobe that not only doesn't break the bank but can get me through all four of our Michigan seasons.  If you're like me and shutter at the idea of a purse/accessory/sweater/pants/ costing $200+ you've come to the right place..... 

If you're on a budget, look for items that you can layer. Jackets, sweaters, tights, and fun accessories can take an otherwise summer piece and send it right into Autumn! I love tights now. I resisted them hard core for much of my adulthood, until I realized how cute they are paired with a pair of fun booties. Something so simple and inexpensive can transform an entire outfit. 


STOP wearing the same combinations over and over. Yes, you found a good pairing, NO it is not the only one! Pull out an item from your closet (this skirt for example), and at least 3 different tops to see what might work together. This top is actually a tunic style t-shirt, but tucked into this jean skirt it looks like a completely different piece. GET CREATIVE! 


Think about your styling. Tying a sweater or flannel around your waist vs. wearing it the traditional way can give your outfit an instant casual vibe. It also allows you to stay warm when you go to work and they have the air conditioning on full blast even though it's only 65 degrees out... just saying. Plus, an item you can style in multiple ways, will soon become an important staple! 


  • Shop off season
  • Go thrifting
  • Always check the clearance rack! 
  • Trade with friends
  • Shop holiday sales (Labor Day, Memorial Day, Cyber Monday) 
  • Check out Marshall's, TJMaxx, Nordstrom Rack, etc!!!