Bag (It's on sale!)   //  Top  (Thrifted Target) //   Pants (Similar)   //   Booties   // 

Bag (It's on sale!)  //  Top  (Thrifted Target) //  Pants (Similar)  //  Booties  // 

I'm here to share with you my new favorite, and most versatile tote I've ever had! 

I've had this bag for a while now, but I've been holding out on giving my full review. Sydney Love Bags generously sent it my way back in the spring, and I've been using it ever since. I was initially going to write a review immediately after getting it, because of course I was immediately in love, but I decided to wait... 

I wanted to give you REAL review, not just a half-assed "omg it's so cute!" review three days after I received it.  Getting something in the mail and then writing about it the next day doesn't really give this brand the credit they deserve. Also, with a white tote I was worried I would use it once and it would be totally destroyed, and I wanted to test that theory out. Fear not though, this bag is TOUGH. I've used it to lug around work stuff, outfits and shoes for photo shoots, you name it! The bag still looks brand new, and if you've been following for a while you know that it comes with a very handy smaller purse that fits inside. 


My favorite part of this collaboration? Supporting small businesses and shopping local. Yeah, I don't  live in Pittsburgh anymore, but I left a piece of my heard there and I'll always consider it a second home. When Sydney Love Bags reached out, I knew it was the perfect fit. There are so many mass-produced, cheaply made items that you can buy (and I'm guilty of it too!) that I make it a mission of mine to share these amazing small businesses! 

The design of these bags is so well thought out, and beyond convenient for any woman on the go. The inside organizer doubles as a cross-body, which is incredibly perfect for work or travel! Throw all your essentials in the smaller crossbody bag and simply grab that when you need to get on the move! 

Don't forget to head over and check out their website, and follow along on their social media too!

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