AMAZON FASHION: Budget Friendly Style

Dress //  Amazon Prime

Dress // Amazon Prime

I officially became addicted to Amazon about 4 or 5 years ago. It started out simple. I needed something that would allow me to send birthday and Christmas gifts to my nieces and nephews who all lived in different states. It made life easy. I just had to click on a toy, and BAM! it was there in 2 days. This is unbelievably convenient for a serial procrastinator like myself. The $99 a year fee was worth the shipping costs alone. 

With each passing year I discovered something new and amazing about Amazon, and Amazon themselves have grown into becoming a major retailer for beauty and fashion. This year, I've discovered the endless options of cute and budget friendly fashion items. 

Hear me out. I love supporting local. I get that this is essentially a massive Walmart, but every once in a while a girl needs a cheap kitschy dress, or a BRIDESMAID DRESS FOR $35! That's right, I bought a bridesmaid dress for $35 and didn't end up wasting $175 on something I wasn't going to wear again. And get this, it was perfect. Proof below. 

Bridesmaid Dress //  Amazon Prime  

Bridesmaid Dress // Amazon Prime 

I don't have a list of things to look for and do while shopping. This time around, I have only one simple tip ... 


Guys, this will save you. People who have already bought that item can tell you exactly how it will fit. It's not someone promoting for a kick-back. It's just normal people who have taken a leap and tried to buy something online. Listen to them. Look at their pictures. Follow their directions and you will most likely find great items that fit you well. Also, use the sizing chart. It's there for a reason.

BONUS ROUND!!!!! - Amazon does free returns on most fashion items! 

Whether you are interested in high-end fashion pieces by well known brands, or you're just looking for a t-shirt with pizza slices on it, you'll find what you need on Even if you don't buy anything, at least check it out. I recommend searching for the "cat purse" or "cactus shirt" - you will not be disappointed.