Dear Black Wardrobe, I Miss You.

I'm teaming up with Ferne Boutique and two other Michigan Bloggers to celebrate the first day of summer! FINALLY ITS HERE!!!

Anyone else having serious withdrawals from their gray and black winter wardrobe!? I 100% live in black clothing during our Michigan winter months. It looks good on everyone, it goes with everything, and it matches my dark empty soul. (jk, jk) 

Don't get me wrong, I love a good chambray dress or blush tone tote just as much as the next girl, but man do I miss some of my go-to winter pieces. What don't I miss!?!? That would be Michigan's -4 degree winter wind chill. That's for damn sure. 

How do you take a color that is so blatantly winter into summer? YOU ADD FLOWERS DUH?! I mean, come on. That was obvious right?! floral prints make anything look summery, and it's an easy way to dress up an otherwise dull and gloomy outfit. 

My next tip? Pair your black clothing with "summer" accessories. This cross-body is the perfect accent to an otherwise "un-cheery" outfit. Identify summer colors you love and use those as a way to bring your grey/black items to life! The cut of this outfit also helps. Instead of being another basic floral dress, it's a romper. It takes this otherwise overdone style and brings it into summer of 2017. Rompers are everywhere right now, and they can have you feeling fun and flirty while still maintaining personal style! 

Also, remember... anything goes after dark. If you're going out for a night on the town with your girls, or on a date, you can pretty much wear whatever you want. The night scene is a whole different beast. You could wear leather leggings in the dead of July and no one would look twice! 


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For those not around the Bay City Michigan area, there's always free shipping when you shop Ferne Boutique's online store!