Top:  F21 (similar)  // Skirt: Vintage // Shoes:  DSW (similar)  // Clutch: Vintage // Belt: Vintage

Top: F21 (similar) // Skirt: Vintage // Shoes: DSW (similar) // Clutch: Vintage // Belt: Vintage

Vintage clothing sounds cool and hip in theory, but the reality is, it can be quite difficult to get the perfect look. Vintage clothing was made differently back then, which is sometimes a good thing and sometimes a bad thing. No longer are we rocking pointy-ass-bras that could literally poke someone's eye out, or shoulder pads that made us look like linebackers. To combat these not so flattering vintage trends, I find the best thing to do is pair statement pieces with some modern favorites. Vintage and modern mixed: the perfect pair.  

1. Try pairing a vintage skirt with a modern top. Use modern prints, modern styles, and up-to-date fabrics to bring your vintage skirt/pants from the 60's to 2017. 

2. Pair vintage accessories with a modern outfit, or the other way around! A cute pair of vintage shoes or a purse will go perfectly with a new trend. (see red purse and belt below!)

3. Accessories are key: I absolutely love vintage accessories and jewelry. It's one of my favorite ways to incorporate vintage into my wardrobe. A necklace or purse doesn't require a perfect fit like a vintage dress might. They're more versatile and therefore an absolute must for me! 

4. Sizing: It's likely your favorite new vintage piece will require some tailoring. Some of these things can be done yourself, others require a professional. Simply removing some shoulder pads from a dress can bring it out of  the 80's and into modern day. Other times you may need some professional assistance with adjusting the fit. Sizing and shape were different back then. As were the fabrics. 

5. Start Small: start with accessories. Things that don't require a ton of work or adjustment. There are so many timeless trends when it comes to vintage accessories, that it's easy to pair some of these pieces with your new modern outfit!  

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