ROMPERS: The Unicorn of Fashion

Romper:  Ferne Boutique  (Sold Out) // Necklace:  Willow Skye Handmade  // Choker:  Forever 21  

Romper: Ferne Boutique (Sold Out) // Necklace: Willow Skye Handmade // Choker: Forever 21 

Raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimized by a romper? Yeah, me too. I've been seeing rompers everywhere this spring, but I've found that finding the right fit and style can be really difficult. I've tried on hundreds, yet I would find myself debating whether or not rocking a front/back wedgie was passe these days. Finding the perfect fit is like finding a unicorn. Does it exist? 

Whether its because your tall, short, petite, have a big chest, small chest, or are in any way not picture perfect, shopping for this particular trend proves pretty difficult. Some of my tips? .... 

                                                                 Clutch:  Target (Similar)

                                                                 Clutch: Target (Similar)

1. ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: This is huge for me. I am 5'8" and have a very long torso. This trait is great for two-piece bathing suites and high-waisted jeans, but not so great for other trends out there. Adjustable straps allows you to customize the fit, and adjust to your romper to your body type/shape. 

2. SIZE UP: Anyone else try on an adorable romper only to find it also gave you a really "adorable" camel-toe? I've found that sizing up can sometimes help with this issue. It may not work with every style out there, but many of them can be worn slightly loose. Bonus, then you don't have to worry about showing off those happy lines either. My 31-year-old self just can't pull off those short shorts anymore. 

3. DRESS IT UP: Some of the more casual rompers can often give that "pajama" vibe. I like to dress up mine with some nice sandals or heels, and some fun jewelry. Adding some wedges or a blazer can easily take your romper from day to night and give you a more sophisticated look.

4. BUY A BRALETTE: I find that a lot of rompers have deep cut necklines, or button up in the front. The one I'm wearing here has only a small button in the middle of my torso that's in charge of holding everything together. Wearing a regular bra can feel like you're a bit too exposed. These trendy bralettes are an amazing way to add more coverage without skimping on style. They're perfect for those rompers/shirts that have an odd cut or are a smidge too low. 

I linked some of my favorites here, here, and here

                                                               Sandals:  Rock and Candy

                                                               Sandals: Rock and Candy

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