Anyone else see some bloggers and just wonder how the fuck they can afford to wear a different outfit everyday? (Insert picture of me raising my hand and waving it around like a crazy person). If you're a bigger blogger, you probably get a lot of items sent to you for free for collaborations, but the majority don't have that luxury. Which means, GOODBYE paycheck. And let me lay down this confession to you....I'm cheap AF. Like I have literally questioned the need for an item from the Target Dollar Spot section.

Therefore, this, for obvious reasons,  has the potential of causing some issues with being a blogger. Except... I've found somewhat of a loophole. 


The majority of my wardrobe is from Goodwill. This is not at all an exaggeration, and I am not at all embarrassed about this. People are shocked anytime I tell them an item I'm wearing is from Goodwill, Salvation Army, or some other second hand favorite. I've talked about "thrifting" before, but I'm going to share some tips again since I'm always asked about how I find such great items. 

1. Shop Beyond Your Size - Go in with an open mind, and be willing to try on something you might not normally wear. This top was in the Large section, but I loved the pattern. I tried it on and it was clearly too big, but once I tied it in the front it gave the outfit a whole new look. Honestly, it wouldn't have worked with a top that was in my actual size, so you have to be willing to look outside the box. 

2. Shop Outside Your Comfort Zone -  In real life, while walking through Forever 21, I would have never even tried on this jacket. But, at Goodwill when it's $5.99 I'm more willing to step outside my comfort zone. Be open to trying new/old trends that maybe you weren't 100% on board with initially. You might find you like it, and you could end up with a fun statement piece that didn't break the bank. 

3. Bring Old & New Together -  Any outfit can be updated by simply adding in new accessories. This goes for your thrifted items as well. Jazz up some of your gently used items with some fun/new accessories like a new handbag or trendy necklace.

4. Shop Mens -  This goes along with shopping outside your typical size, but be willing to check out the guys stuff as well. I've found some great flannels and t-shirts in the past, and there's no reason you can't rock a men's tee like a boss. 

5. Shop The Weekly Ticket Color & Know Your Store - Goodwill and Salvation Army both have weekly colors. If you purchase an item with that color, it's an extra 50% off. Also, lucky me, my Goodwill gets all of the leftover clearance items from Target, Kohls, Forever 21, and more. Talk to someone working there and find out details about any possible connections they might have with local stores. They'll probably even tell you the day they get their deliveries! 

Don't be afraid of second hand shopping or thrifting. You'll find amazing pieces, and some might even end up being favorite go-to's of yours. Most importantly, don't forget to donate back. Your trash is another person's treasure, and Goodwill/Salvation Army do great things for our communities! 

Check back next week for Part II!