It's so easy getting caught up in this idea that you need the newest and brightest item. The fashion industry's job is to literally make you feel like all of your "old" clothes are out of style. That you need new things to stay hip and up-to-date. But guess what... the fashion industry is like any other industry. They want you to spend money, and they'll do anything to manipulate you and make you feel like you need these things to be beautiful, cool, or popular. Truth is, most fashion items can be worn for multiple seasons and for many years before go completely out of style. 

This brings me to my final two tips of how I blog on a budget...


I recently went shopping during my visit to Pittsburgh a few weeks ago, and I of course had to stop by my favorite shops. There were tons of great pieces that were dirt cheap because they were "off-season." I love shopping at the end of the season. For one, Michigan weather is a fickle bitch and you never know if its going to be sunny or snowing in the spring/fall. Even some mid-summer evenings can be chilly, so why not pick up a cute sweater/sweatshirt for only a few bucks that would have otherwise been 5X's the price. Plus, my favorite is when I forget I buy something until the following year! 

  • SHOP FOR PIECES YOU CAN LAYER: This is perfect for spring and fall where it's freezing in the morning but roasting hot by lunch. My favorites to shop off-season are jackets, sweaters, and dresses. They're my favorite layering items and I can use them throughout the year. 
  • SHOP YOUR STAPLE ITEMS: There are certain pieces I know wont be going out of style anytime soon. Leather jackets, chambray dresses, plaid. These things are staples in my wardrobe, so why do I care if this killer faux leather jacket is from the Winter 2017 collection or the Spring 2017 collection. Trick question, I don't. 
Hat: Rue 21 (not available online) //  Top: Rue 21  // Pants: TJMaxx //  Shoes: Kohls (Similar)

Hat: Rue 21 (not available online) // Top: Rue 21 // Pants: TJMaxx // Shoes: Kohls (Similar)

  • SHOP CLEARANCE: This might be repetitive, but clearance is the way to go. This top was $4, and the hat $2. Hanging right next to this hat? An identical grey baseball cap that was made out of a different material and cost $12. So, because this had a corduroy fabric, it was considered "out-of-season." It's so easy to pair with other items, and the light grey transfers over to spring with ease. 
  • SHOP YOUR FAVORITE COLOR: Of course we are all too aware that bloggers love pastels. I get it, they're gorgeous already.... but don't give up on your favorites. This maroon has been a go-to for me this winter, and I'm not really ready to let it go. I could easily pair it with nice white jeans, or layer a skirt over top and BAM! spring time. You don't have to look like Easter exploded all over your closet just because it's April 1st. 

What are is your favorite way to shop off-season or clearance ?! 


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