Casual Weekends

I don't know about you, but I rarely get out of yoga pants on the weekend. If I do manage to put some effort into my life, it usually consists of skinny jeans and converse. If you're like me, and sometimes lack motivation after spending your entire week dressing up for work, grab yourself some cute sneakers, a leather jacket, and a fun t-shirt, and you'll be all set! 


Plus, I mean.... this shirt is legit right? It speaks to exactly what I'm talking about. Sleep in, relax, and eat some waffles, because dammit you deserve it! 

These jeans byJust Black Denim. are quite possibly the softest jeans I've ever worn. Also, they're slightly "high waisted," and lets be honest... we all want to keep our stuff tucked in nice and tight. Gone are the days of letting my ass hang out, and literally NOT being able to sit down in jeans. I also don't want to shimmy around all day trying to keep my jeans at my actual waist. Ain't notbody got time for that. Give me a well made pair of jeans that don't need washed after every wear because of stretching out and I'm happy. 

Shop this look over at Ferne Boutique! She ships nation wide!