When Gentleman's Box reached out to me, I was immediately excited to partner with them. For one, I love anytime I can get Blake involved in the blog. Usually that's with our travel posts, but it was nice to collaborate on something that he could benefit from! Usually he has to watch me open boxes of jewelry or clothing, but this month it was ALL him! PS: I'll be doing a giveaway so be sure to head over to Instagram and enter! 

Gentleman's Box

My favorite thing about Gentleman's Box is how kitschy some of the items are. I mean... look at those mustache cuff links!!! Blake can be hard to buy for. We are at a point in our lives where we just buy what we want for ourselves. We both have steady jobs, so if we see something we like - we buy it! It makes gift giving season hard, because well we already have to much shit TBH. 

The reason the Gentleman's box is so cool is because you can subscribe for a monthly subscription and each month is unique and has a theme. This is the November box, which will be different than the December one and the one you will win for the giveaway! The cool part? You can also purchase previous month's boxes if there are still some available. I like this because as an IG addict, sometimes I see things from months ago, and I get so bummed when they're no longer available. 

Want to win your own Gentleman's Box?!?!?!?! Head over to my Instagram to enter! 

Not interested in a giveaway? Use code BLISSFUL to get $5 off your first box!