Douglas J Spa Review

They wrapped me up like a burrito and I loved it. I didn’t even know I wanted to be wrapped up like a burrito, and yet here I am talking to you about it and it’s been 3 weeks since I had this amazing experience at Douglas J Aveda.

I hope you had the opportunity to checkout my full review of their salon services, but if not, check it out HERE!!! Or click on the YouTube video below to see more! I couldn’t say anything better about my salon experience at Douglas J Aveda, and I get compliments on my hair daily. There’s a bit of fear intertwined in the idea of having your hair done by a student stylist, but I would highly recommend you take a leap of faith and book yourself a salon appointment!

Let’s get down to business though…. This salon experience was NEXT LEVEL. My entire body felt like baby’s bottom by the time I was out of there. I had the Exfoliation/Refinement Body Treatment and WooooOOOooooOooW. It was good.  My favorite part is that they have you pick out the scent you want them to use. I, of course, went with the original Aveda scent, because I even have an Aveda scented candle next to my bed I love it so much. Before I share with you my thoughts/tips on my experience I want to share all of the amazing services they have to offer:

Body Treatments:

  • Stress Relieving Treatment                                            $39
  • Body Treatment                                                            $42
    • Purifying/Hydrating - A masque will be applied to the entire body, the guest is wrapped in layers of blankets including a solar blanket a scalp and facial massage is performed. The guest showers off the masque, and prepares for the second part, where the skin is toned and moisturizer is applied to the body
    • Exfoliation/Refinement - Sea-salt scrub may be substituted for the body wrap.
  • Waxing:
    • One Facial Area                                                          $11
    • Each Additional Facial Area                                       $7
    • Full Face                                                                     $33
    • Specialty Wax                                                             $15
    • Body Wax                                                                    $26+
    • Specialty Wax                                                             $15
    • Back or Chest                                                              $40+
    • Brazilian Wax                                                               $60+
  • Skincare:
    • Facial – 60 Mins                                                           $44
    • Facial – 90 Mins                                                           $49
    • Perfecting Plant Peel Treatment                                  $50


What should you expect while getting a body treatment? Mostly – you need to be prepared for the fact that you will be naked. But, don’t worry… you’ll also be covered up by a blanket.

  1. Be prepared for getting naked: You will be asked to get undressed. Don’t panic though, you’ll also be asked to get under a blanket on the table, and at no point will you be fully exposed.
  2. Speak up! If you’re uncomfortable with anything, speak up. At one point, my massage therapist student lifted the blanket so that she could scrub/rub my abdomen. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of this, just say something.
  3. They’re going to talk to you: You will not be left wondering what the next step is. Your student will walk you through each step of the process, which will allow you to have an opportunity to ask questions if needed.
  4. There is an Educator here too! An Educator will once again check in on you. They’ll ask you about the lighting, talk you through the plan for your session, and make suggestions if they need to.
  5. The shower is tricky: Okay, fine… maybe this was just for me. I spent the majority of my time washing off the scrub in frigid cold water. My anxiety was too high to yell outside of my room (I mean, I was naked and all in a shower with strangers outside my room), but eventually I got it figured out and blasted that thing for the last minute or two before I had to get out.
  6. Take your time: I’m not sure why, and I know I’m not alone, but sometimes I feel like I need to rush along as fast as possible. I’m undressing at Mach-Speed, running from the shower to the massage table like I’m running in the Olympics. Sloooowwwwwwwww it down. There is really no rush, and you’re their guest. If they knock and say “Are you all ready?” just take a breath and say “one more minute please!” – This is my weakness and I need to get better about slowing down in life too. Just try and enjoy each second.
  7. Wear loose clothing:  This isn’t a necessity, but just be aware you will be covered in oil, and it will be difficult to get those skinny jeans back on. Learn from my experience and trust me on this one. You’ll be happier if you wear something a little forgiving.

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Learn more about Douglas J Aveda and all they have to offer here!!!

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