#PureMichigan. You’ve probably heard the commercials with good ol’ Tim Allen, Tim the Tool Man Taylor, talking about the endless beaches, gorgeous lakes, and miles and miles of shoreline. A place where you can come visit, and unplug from the world for a while. If you haven’t been to Michigan, you’re probably under the assumption we have nothing to offer you. A boring old state with a shitty major city filled with crime (which is totally changing and growing btw!) What you don’t see are the amazing acres of forest, the changing leaves, and the endless beauty that Northern Michigan has to offer.

Can you believe that after graduating from high school my only goal was to get out of this place? “God, who wantsto live in MICHIGAN?!?! It’s boring and cold, and there’s absolutely nothing to do here!”

Then I graduated college on the West side of the state, moved home, got married, moved to Pittsburgh, and immediately realized how much I missed my home. Where are all the lakes? The snow? The god awful humidity? I was drawn to it. The endless miles of coastline roads, fields of windmills, and the gorgeous fall colors. I needed all four seasons in my life, and I knew we needed to get back.

Now, Blake and I spend our weekends exploring this great Mitten State. We drive up north, doggie in tow, and set off for adventures at any opportunity we get. When Mission Point Resort wanted to work with us, we couldn’t have been more on board. A dog friendly resort located on an island where there are no motor vehicles, endless fudge shops, and gorgeous views? Yes please!

Mackinac Island suits anyone and everyone. Dogs, kids, couples, and adventurers alike can explore the bike and horse filled streets for little Michigan mementoes. Head downtown to the Horn’s Bar (a personal favorite) or Pinky Pony’s for a cold beer (may I recommend the fish tacos as well???), because you don’t have to drive home!!!!! BONUS! And for dessert, visit one of the many local fudge shops.

We were provided room & board in exchange for an honest review of Mission Point Resort

We were provided room & board in exchange for an honest review of Mission Point Resort

Mission Point Resort has everything you could need. With a coffee shop and café that provides room service until 10pm, and gift shops right downstairs, you won’t even need to leave the resort until you’re ready to explore the 70.5 miles of the State Park that it butts up against. Renting Bikes can be done right at the resort, and Mission Point is only a short walk/ride away from the main attraction, Arch Rock. Make a reservation at Chianti and be sure to try their very own signature wine made especially for them! You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a fine dining experience without all that pressure to actually be fancy and dressed up…. I’m not kidding we showed up in jeans because we did NOT pack appropriately!

Keep in mind Mission Point is a Seasonal Resort!!! They're only open from April - October. Don't worry though, the island is packed full of fun adventures during those six months! 

Other information you might find helpful!

Mission Point made it so easy to travel. Mackinac Island is … obviously … an ISLAND. Therefore you’ll need to take a ferry over (they’re pet friendly!). Shepler’s will take your luggage and deliver it to your resort, which means you don’t have to worry about lugging it around, and instead you can enjoy the resort from the moment you walk off the dock. This goes for getting back to the mainland. Mission Point will pick up your luggage, transport it to the ferry, and it will be waiting for you to pick up in Mackinaw City.

I couldn’t have anything nicer to say about Mission Point Resort. Every staff we engaged with was beyond amazing and helpful. We were able to explore the island at our own pace, and there is endless adventures you can experience while there. Our 1.5 days of exploring just weren’t enough, and I know we will be heading back soon.

Mission Point Resort provided Blake and I (and Emmy!) with room and board in exchange for an honest review, blog post, and vlog of their resort. All views, opinions, and pictures are our own. 

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