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                                      // Booties (Similar) // Dress (out of stock) // Bag // 

I honestly haven't worn a "normal" bra for over a year. I just don't like them. They're uncomfortable and they are even worse in the heat. Oh my God the boob sweat. Maybe it's the fact that I grew up playing sports, and wearing a sports bra was my norm, but I feel more comfortable and confident when wearing a sports bra than a push up bra any day. 

Throughout high school I always felt self conscious of the fact that I was small chested. I was a bean pole honestly. I wore a size "00" until my junior year of high school. Freshman year, I wore a "00" with a belt, and sometimes with pants underneath to "fill myself out." I thought I had an undesirable body type because I looked like a boy. It took until my mid 20's to realize how much I loved my body. It's a shame it took that long, but my happiness now was worth it. It feels so foreign to me now to wear a push up bra with 3" of padding. 

The cut of this dress unfortunately forced me to dig deep, wayyyyy deep, into my underwear drawer to find one of the last remaining "regular" bras I own. Needless to say I complained about it throughout most of the afternoon. 

My point? Just be you. Appreciate your differences that make you unique, and wear what makes you comfortable and makes you feel beautiful! Whether that means wearing a push up bra, a dress, sneakers, or anything else. YOU DO YOU!