I legit hate scary movies. Watching them makes me angry. I get annoyed at myself for being so scared because I am an adult and I should know it's not real. Yet, despite this, I find myself sprinting up my basement stairs, or staring at my ceiling as my husband snores himself asleep beside me. 

This week I decided to jump on the Stranger Things bandwagon, and I'm SO glad I did. It's been all over Twitter, and I mean, god dammit I couldn't just not know what everyone was talking about. Every other article on Buzzfeed was about Barb. Fucking Barb... you deserved better. 

Of course, one of the side effects from me watching Stranger Things until 1:00am on a weekday was that my poor dog wasn't allowed to take a nighttime poo because I was too afraid to take her outside. But, I also ended up with MAJOR outfit envy. Well, maybe not about those hideous mom jeans they made Barb wear. HAS SHE NOT GONE THROUGH ENOUGH?!?! 

Anywho... I've compiled a pretty amazing list of "must-have items"  so you can begin channeling your inner Stranger Things alter ego. 

  1.  Mom Jeans (F21) - Lets be honest, they gave Barb the worst damn mom jeans I have ever seen. You can do better. There are other options, and if you wanna stay even farther away from the "mom" portion of mom jeans, get a more fitted pair of high waisted pants that flatter your body shape.
  2. Peter Pan Collar (F21) - A peter pan collar shirt that mimics Eleven's pink dress?!?! SIGN ME THE F' UP! This sweater goes with everything. Skirts, pants, shorts, ANYTHING! 
  3. Fleece Lined Jean Jacket - Bonus points if it's flannel lined. I mean.... do I even need to justify why this is on the list? 
  4. Ribbed Fitted Turtleneck (F21) - This is a necessity if you're rocking the 80's-90's vibe. I have worn too many holiday themed turtleneck shirts than I'd like to admit. Thanks mom. 
  5. Flare Corduroy Pants (JBrand) - Okay, these could possibly be from the 60's as well, but that burnt orange color just SCREAMs 80's. Hook me up. I am not kidding when I say these are my dream pants. I would rock them daily. #NoShameInMyGame. 
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