Weekends are casual in our house. Slippers, sweatshirts, and sweatpants make regular appearances. I can tell winter is on its way. It's much cooler this week than it has been, and the grass is usually covered in frost in the early morning. If you happen to run into me during the weekend, you'll inevitably see me in some version of this outfit.  It's perfect because you can run errands, take the dog for a walk, or hang around the house and still feel cute.

Sweatshirt -   Roots   // Jeans - Banana Republic (clearance) // Sneakers -   Kohl's (Similar)   // Hat -   F21 (Similar)

Sweatshirt - Roots // Jeans - Banana Republic (clearance) // Sneakers - Kohl's (Similar) // Hat - F21 (Similar)

Back in Michigan, we had a Roots store since we were so close to Canada, and Blake and I both loved it.  Everything they have there is amazing. They have really nailed the "cabin chic" look. I highly recommend some of their sock monkey socks! They're cute and perfect for boots.

This past week, Banana Republic was having a crazy deal where you could take an extra 60% off their women's clearance items. I found these jeans and just had to buy them. They ended up costing only $28, which is crazy because they're usually $110!!! Go check out a store near you to see if they still have the sale going!

You can also catch me spending my weekends with this fur ball. I mean, I can't help it... look at her. Blake and I found out about a couple of dog parks, and we're excited to check them out so Emmy can play with some other puppies (aka: wear herself out).

For a dose of reality... it is REALLY hard to take photos with animals. They don't exactly like to listen to directions and suggestions of showing their "good side." Thank God for digital cameras!

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