Last night, Blake and I took an impromptu trip downtown for the Pirate's game. Although we had come to visit Pittsburgh many times before moving here, I had never had the opportunity to visit PNC Park. Blake has always said I would love it, so we decided to get down there before the season ends. Plus the weather was perfect.

When you begin exploring Pittsburgh, one thing will immediately jump out at you. It is beautiful, but more importantly, it's really really clean. There are flowers everywhere, there isn't trash piled up along the curbs, and you can tell there is a lot of care given to this city. It also feels very safe. Being from Detroit, I grew up hearing about how scary "the city" was. Of course it's great to see it rebuilding itself into something better, but moving here has really put into perspective how much farther Detroit still has to go. In due time. #detroitproudforever!

I really loved PNC Park. It has a great vibe to it and even when you're seated in a higher seat you still feel close to the action. Every other person has a Pirate's flag, there are fireworks that go off for every Pirate's home run, and of course it's right off the river, which has a beautiful view. BUT, most importantly, and what I am most excited about.... Pup Nights!!!!!! PNC Park has a number of Pup Night games throughout the season, where you are able to buy a special ticket for you and your dog to enjoy the game. How amazing is that?!?! I CANNOT wait for next summer to be here. We scoped out the area where all of the pups get to hang out and sit, and it got me even more excited for next year. Let the countdown begin!

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