I have always been a "frugal" shopper. Even when I'm not on a strict budget, I have a hard time spending a ton of money on clothes. I blame this trait on my mother, who from a young age had me searching the Clearance racks at Target! I don't mind though, now it's something I find a lot of fun in, and I am probably slightly addicted to the thrill of the hunt.


You would probably be surprised to hear that Forever 21 could be any cheaper than it already is, but they almost always have a sale rack you should check out. Sometimes it's just a small rack, but there have been times where I have seen 4-5 racks of clothing that are 75%-80% off the original price. The above pieces are all from Forever 21 and I spent no more than $15 total on all three pieces.

Some of my favorite places to shop the Clearance section is: Banana Republic, Old Navy, Kohls, Forever 21, and Target. 

Some tips.... 

  1. Take the time to look through everything - Just like thrifting, you really need to check through everything. Some places are easier than others (e.g., Target which is organized by size vs. F21), but things get tucked in the wrong section and taking the extra time could find you an amazing piece!
  2. Shop off season - For staple items you know you'll always love/wear you can really get a great deal. I usually buy all of my bathing suits at the end of the season. By the next summer I've already forgotten about them, and it's a wonderful surprise to find them in my drawer. I've bought bathing suits for $7 total before!
  3. Be creative - Similar to the above statement, think outside the box. The white dress in the picture above is meant to be an everyday maxi, but it's WAY too see through, and instead I'm going to use it for a swim cover up!
  4. Use coupons - This is especially true for Kohls. Either get a account there, or go with a friend who has one. You can use their monthly coupons on top of the clearance/sale price and you would be amazed at how cheap you can get some items. This is especially good for shoes in my opinion! Also check out apps like "Retail Me Not" or the stores personal app. Sometimes you can get additional coupons for simply logging onto their wifi or downloading their app!
  5. MOST IMPORTANT - Don't buy it if you don't love it. Sometimes things are in the clearance section for a reason. Check for damage, and make sure you're going to wear it! Places like Kohl's and Target will let you return anything, but Banana Republic and F21 will not return Clearance items. Make sure you know the policies if you're unsure about an item you are purchasing.

Good luck friends, and happy shopping!

Nicky BrattinaComment