LABOR DAY - 2015

North East of Pittsburgh there is a small (and I mean small) town called Plumville. Slightly North of Plumville, there is an even smaller "town," where Blake's family owns a huge chunk of property. There isn't a house there anymore, but growing up, Blake spent many weeks up at the farm hunting, celebrating, and exploring.

When we would take trips to Pittsburgh before moving from Michigan, we would always try and visit the property for a couple of hours. Now that we are a mere 50 minutes away, we will be coming up here as often as we can. Blake spent many moments of his childhood in this river, which is just across the way from the property. The water is clear, crayfish are everywhere, and you occasionally will see the skittish deer that aren't very used to seeing people.

Fashion is unfortunately sacrificed for safety when at the farm. Blake and I eacb snagged our own pair of Keens at the REI Garage Sale this weekend, and they were perfect for navigating the river. No slipping, and more importantly no broken toes.

Stopped to take a picture of these fallen logs along the side-road we took to get to the river. They were beautifully covered in moss despite the lack of rain and high temperatures we have been experiencing here. I'm so happy we were able to spend our Labor Day being thankful for this beautiful country.

Nicky BrattinaComment