At the beginning of the month, I turned 30 and received some pretty stellar gifts. Two of which, I'm going to share with you on here because they are absolutely amazing!

First up is this amazing bag by Carrie Underwood's workout line, Calia. There are so many amazing items, but this bag is definitely one of my favorites. It's only sold on-line, so don't bother going to the store!

The bag has tons of room and pockets, and it's stylish enough to go from work to the gym. This bag is easily big enough to fit your sneakers, and you'll still have plenty of room for your other gym items.

Some items I always carry in my gym bag....

  • deodorant, lotion, face wipes, chapstick
  • A little bag for any feminine items - I reuse my Ipsy bags, and this makes it so much easier to just grab the pouch and head to the bathroom without bringing in your whole bag. Also, it makes it easy to throw into another purse/bag you might use.
  • A little bag for any hair ties, headbands, bobby pins, band-aids, or clips.
  • headphones, IPhone/IPod workout case, Lock for lockers, and an extra pair of socks (always always always have an extra pair of socks!)

My next favorite item that I received and I may never take off is this Lululemon "Down For A Run" half-zip pullover. They only have it in teal and black on line, but I found this Grape color in my local store, and I am OBSESSED.

I recommend going up a size, because it runs a bit tight, especially in the chest area. I don't even have a chest and it was tight on me, so if you do, I recommend trying this item on instead of purchasing on line.

This half-zip pull over is surprisingly warm. Not shown in the above picture are my frozen toes and goosebumps. BUT, despite the freezing temperatures, only my legs were cold. My upper body was remarkably warm, and I was really surprised because this jacket is very light and thin.

The jacket has pockets that zip, and when unzipped turn into a sweatshirt pocket that goes all the way through to each side. The rose gold zippers/details are also adorable, and the sides of the jacket are stretchy to allow for easy movement. There are also zippers under the armpits that open for airflow if you are running/working out.

I'm not going to pretend that I can give you a review of how it is to run in, because I barely enjoy running in the warm or indoors, so I have no plans of testing this out now.

If you are a runner... you can leave a comment below to let everyone know how well it works for you! #noshamehere

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