Dress - Vitamina (thrifted) // Shoes -   Charlotte Russe   (similar) //  Bag -   Moda Luxe                   *Use code BLSSFLMMNT and get free shipping off any Moda Luxe bag!*

Dress - Vitamina (thrifted) // Shoes - Charlotte Russe (similar) //  Bag - Moda Luxe                 *Use code BLSSFLMMNT and get free shipping off any Moda Luxe bag!*

Choachella was this past weekend.... as if you couldn't tell from the explosion of celebrity IG photo's of their rich ass selves enjoying the festivle while decked out in full hippie gear. Celebrities who probably didn't even flinch at the $800+ ticket price, while I can't even commit to buying a new pair of shoes that cost 95 bucks. #reallife

Taking inspiration from all the Coachella peeps, I wanted to rock a boho-chic look that is far more appropriate for my old ass 30-year-old self.

Lets get real for a second though. Taking blog photo's is awkward AF. I look forward to the time when I don't think twice about posing in front of people, and just own the city like the bad ass bitch I really am.

People legit stop and stare at you, and give you the side eye while secretly judging you for looking fancy as hell on a Sunday morning with 5" heels. Within the first 5-minutes I got catcalled by an old man with 3 teeth, so that was nice....#lifeasawoman

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We'll be teaming up to talk about friendship, life, cool places in the city, and so many other hilarious topics.  Make sure you don't miss out!

This is a growing project that we hope others will enjoy and relate to as well. We would love to hear about how you keep your friendships alive and how you stay connected with each other when the world seems to move at an ever-changing pace!

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