But I cannot be the only one who actually remembers being young? I mean, being 5 or 6 was great,without a care in the world. But honestly, being a teenager or in your early 20's is rough you guys. OMG... the pimples, there were just so many pimples.

And, lets not forget the mental breakdown every girl went through when she started puberty. I grew a mustache and became very angry in the span of only a few days.

I have a clear memory of a time when my dad had the AUDACITY to ask me what I was watching on TV when I had CLEARLY just turned the television on... "HOW THE HELL DO I KNOW DAD?!?!?!? I mean, Jesus, I just turned the TV on." I can still see my dads facial expression as he slowly moonwalked away from his hormonal daughter.

I have nightmares about the boy that asked me on the bus why my neck was so long. Because, see... that's growing up. It's awkward. My neck decided to grow about 3 inches while the rest of my body was all, "we good. we're just gonna stick to where we are at" So I looked like a giraffe for most of 8th-9th grade. I have a picture. You will never see it.

So instead of crying over being "old" I think I'll celebrate the gift I have been given of another year on this planet. I'll be thankful for the strong heart and mind that I have, and look back at those younger years and wonder how the hell I managed to do everything I did with out a nap.

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