Tank -   Target   // Leggings -   Dicks (similar)   // Shoes -   Nike Zoom Fly (similar)

Tank - Target // Leggings - Dicks (similar) // Shoes - Nike Zoom Fly (similar)

Getting to the gym can be hard. Like, really really freaking hard.

I'm not talking about getting up at 5am hard (although you will never catch me doing this). I'm talking about the fact that it can be so much more appealing to sit on your couch and binge watch Food Network and ABCFamily. Wait, is that just me?!

I've found a few small things that instantly get me more motivated to work out.

  1. BUY SOMETHING NEW- Seems easy enough right? But seriously, buying some new workout gear, a new bathing suit, or even some new underwear can really get me excited about bettering myself.
  2. WEAR SOMETHING COMFORTABLE -This is two-fold. Yes, you should be comfortable and able to move but need to be confident in what you're wearing. I've found that a fun workout tank and bright colors gets me excited to work out, and I don't mind wearing the clothing all day to run errands either!
  3. SET GOALS- More importantly, set realistic goals and give yourself rewards. For example, reward yourself after 15 days of working out. Go get that shiny new workout bag... you deserve it dammit!
  4. STEP OFF - This isn't for everyone, but step off the scale. It's deceiving and can crush your dreams. It's more important to be strong verse skinny. Build muscle while burning fat but don't over focus on that one little number. Instead try using measurements (e.g., width of legs/arms).
  5. GOOD FOOD = GOOD MOOD - It all starts with what you eat. Keep healthy foods in your fridge and you're more likely to eat them. We rarely have really big shopping trips because most of the food we buy is fresh. BUT... and I mean STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING, this is important... ALWAYS keep some type of treat that you love in your house.

Weird right? This is the OPPOSITE of what everyone says though NICKY! I hear you, but Well here is the deal... If you restrict yourself from having anything you love, you will ultimately binge eat the hell out of it on week two. You will drive into Target, see that they have Gushers on sale, and you will consume the entire package before you even make it back home. Just keep a few things that can fulfill a random craving and practice self control.


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