Happy Monday friends! Today, I'm linking up with Ember Grey for her "Grateful Heart" Linkup Party! We're all grateful for something, so link up as well!

Why am I grateful this Monday? Ironically, I'm grateful for the fact that this was the only picture I took this weekend. I know I'm not the only one who can get caught up in the world of Instagram and other social media outlets. Instead of enjoying the experience we are having, we are focused on that perfect IG picture. This weekend was about focusing on being "in the now."

My parents made their first trip in this weekend for a quick visit. They were able to see the house, the wallpaper (blah, it's still up!), and of course the city. We even were able to take them out into the more rural parts of Pennsylvania to do some hiking. It was a great trip filled with lots of food, laughter, and of course a Euchre nightcap.

I pretty much blinked and the weekend was over, and this is the only picture I have on my phone to prove it... and I think that's just perfect.

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