This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches 

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches 

The holidays can be stressful. Like.....Mad.Stressful.

We stress out about family dinners, schedules, timelines, gift exchanges, and don't forget the numerous cookies that must be baked. (I have 5 dozen on my to-do list currently)! So why not treat ourselves? #AmIRight?!?! I think it should be a requirement that we all buy ourselves one awesome Christmas gift. We deserve it. 

We spend so much time focusing on everyone else, that sometimes we forget about ourselves! Take a second and go check out the wood watches by JORD. They are beautifully hand crafted unique watches, and they make both women's watches and men's watches. Both are equally as gorgeous, and the pictures on line truly don't do these watches justice. And the packaging?!?!?! Don't get me started.... 

I basically waited at the front door for the mailman like a kid in a candy store. And, it'll be so worth the wait (P.S., it ships sooooo fast!), because your watch will arrive in a gorgeous engraved wooden box, wrapped around an adorable cushion, with cleaning polish and an extra bracket if you need to extend the band size. This watch paired with a little arm candy, and BAM, your outfit will be complete. 

I chose the Dark Sandalwood Women's Watch, and I'm so happy with my decision. My grandfather wore sandalwood cologne growing up, and it's always represented something important to me. I have a connection to it, and I knew right away I had to choose this watch! I'm so happy with my choice, but there are so many other amazing options that you can check out on line! Follow JORD on Instagram @woodwatches_com to see all of their amazing pieces!

If you're interested in purchasing your own unique timepiece head to my discount page! You'll have until 12/18/16 to receive a discount on any watch of your choice! Plus anyone interested in a gift card towards their future purchase, send me a DM! I have a bunch of $25 & $50 gift cards to pass out!