I received lodging and amenities in exchange for my honest review of the Boyne Mountain Resort  

I received lodging and amenities in exchange for my honest review of the Boyne Mountain Resort  

Blake and I had the amazing opportunity to team up with the Boyne Mountain Resort located in Boyne Falls, Michigan this past weekend, and what....a....whirlwind! We stayed at the Mountain Lodge Resort & Spa, and all I can say is... wow. 

I'm pretty sure that when Blake and I walked into our room we legit started jumping up and down like teenagers who finally got that iPhone they'd been begging their parents for, except there was more alcohol consumed during this particular celebration. Our drive up to Boyne was a nightmare, but we made it safely, and started celebrating immediately! Everett's is the main restaurant located in the lodge, and it didn't disappoint. Between the breakfast buffet, appetizers, and their specially brewed IPA, it couldn't have gotten better. 

Saturday we woke up early so we could head over to the Civic Center to grab our rental gear. The staff was crazy helpful, and instead of just handing us our stuff, actually walked through how to put on our gear and reviewed some safety protocol with us (aka: you should most definitely hold onto the rail and walk sideways down the staircase when wearing ski boots...). Our lesson was equally as amazing, and I don't think we could have gotten a better instructor! 

What was my favorite part of the trip you ask?!?!... Well, Blake who had never been skiing before, did amazingly well. That wasn't surprising. He's a hockey player, and all around good at sports. What WAS hilarious is that Blake legit never fell unless we were on flat ground and on our way to the lift. Enter our hashtag of the weekend. #IFallAtTheLift. I really shouldn't laugh, because out of the two of us, I'm the one that got hurt. ON OUR LAST RUN ... of course. 

Boyne Mountain Resort has so much to offer. There's: zip lining, a spa, cross country skiing, tubing, hot tubs, an indoor water park, multiple shops, a bar, snowshoeing, carriage rides.... I mean the list can go on and on! There's so much to offer, I can't even list it all... so check out the Boyne Mountain Media Guide to see each and every amazing thing you and your family can do while visiting! Don't get stuck into this trap of thinking that Michigan doesn't have anything good to offer in the winter. Our state is BEAUTIFUL, and we should be proud. 

One activity that I need to talk about in DETAIL is the spa. I have never had such an amazing pedicure you guys. Every time I thought it was close to being over, it just kept going. I got the pedicure with "ski boot relief" and even though I only went skiing for one day (damn you twisted knee....), this pedicure was the best I have ever had. I am not exaggerating. 

Make sure to check out my video from our weekend below! Plus head over to the Boyne Mountain website to learn more about how you can plan your next trip up north!

A massive thank you to Erin Ernst, the Director of Communications at Boyne, who was absolutely amazing when it came to coordinating this entire trip. She believed in what I had to offer, and I couldn't have imagined a better weekend. Also, thank you to everyone we met during our trip. I have nothing but good things to say about each and every person we interacted with. The hotel staff, ski instructors, and rental staff were beyond helpful and welcoming. Blake and I are already planning our next visit (and possibly purchasing some used ski equipment!) So, lets hope I don't take another digger while up on that mountain this next time. 

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